The abbreviation SICI stands for The Standing International Conference of Inspectorates. This association of national and regional school inspectorates in Europe was founded in 1995, and the Czech School Inspectorate was among the “father founders”. At present, there are 35 member inspectorates, Bavaria (Germany) as the newest SICI member since February, 2015.
SICI provides its members with services focused on the professional development of inspectorates and their members. These services involve organizing workshops, building professional networks and managing the interactive website ( The website is administered by the CSI.
By comparative studies conduct, joint European projects and active participation in conferences and seminars, the SICI contribute to understanding of educational development in its member inspectorates.  For this purpose, the SICI cooperates with other international associations: European Schoolnet, European Commission, OECD and CIDREE (Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Europe).
The Czech School Inspectorate has organised ten international conferences and workshops during almost twenty years of SICI history, including organizing of the SICI General Assembly and Conference in Prague (October 2012).