Revision of the curriculum for Czech language and literature

During its Prague session in April 2015 the Board of Governors of the European Schools approved the rules for creation and uniform structure of curriculum based on acquirement of key competencies. The inspectors, who are responsible for particular teaching subjects, adapt the curriculum so that they would correspond to new regulation. The term is September 2018.

Last year the both of national inspectors together with other experts carried out a revision of curriculum for Czech language and literature in nursery, primary and secondary education cycle in the European Schools, so that the curriculum is interconnected with Czech curricular documents. The outputs were consulted with competent employees of the National Institute for Education and they were approved of by the management board of the MEYS on September 9, 2016.
Expected outcomes and curricular content in nursery and primary cycle were transferred into areas which correspond to areas assessed within the year´s certificate. Indicators for outcome assessment in fifth grades were created in the area Language development.
Curriculum for Czech language and literature for the secondary educational cycle were also arranged according to the prescribed structure. Education objectives were newly defined for all three cycles of secondary education and on their basis the educational content was defined.
Owing to ongoing harmonization of the European Baccalaureate in mother/dominant tongue, the examples were elaborated for new version of the written part of the exam for pupils who will sit at the finals for the first time in 2018. In the course of Czech Presidency a new seven step assessment scale was approved of for the secondary cycle together with the revised curriculum containing assessment criteria with descriptors for particular key competencies. The certificate of the European Baccalaureate is acknowledged by Czech universities and thus it is necessary for education outcomes and for the curricular content of the European Schools to correspond with Czech curricular documents.